Ninetales And Other Tales is finally here.

Hey! Thank you all for your continuous support. I am happy to let you know that my first book "Ninetales and Other Tales" is finally out. The book is a collection of short stories, spanning various genres and themes. The book is published by NotionPress and you can find it here: NotionPress Store Amazon India … Continue reading Ninetales And Other Tales is finally here.

The Price Of Freedom 2: Stone Age 2021

That was a tiring weekend. After around 2 months of mental and physically exhausting efforts, we pulled off Code4Munnar successfully. 4 hours of drive, and I am finally home. To my surprise, my mom welcomed me in the most unexpected way. "So you went to Munnar to spend time with some girls. I could find photographs of you putting your arms around a girl. Have you have any shame?". And those comments added more woes to my already depressed state.

Unanswered Questions

Fine! I'll try my luck. I walked up to her. "Hey, are you waiting for someone? Damn, that was a lame pick-up line. I know I can do it better. I just noticed that she had beautiful amber eyes, just like mine. "Wow! you have beautiful amber eyes. Those are the...". "The rarest and the most beautiful eye colour in the world. My dad says this to me always", she interrupted me. "Whoa! You are awesome! By the way, I am Levi Vaguez. And you are?". She shook her hands with me and said, "Your daughter".


Feminist; A title I hated. Why are those so-called feminists going on a male-bashing spree for absolutely no reason? Why aren't they being quiet on the real issues faced by women? And yes, we the society even gave them a name. "Feminichi".