Unanswered Questions

Fine! I'll try my luck. I walked up to her. "Hey, are you waiting for someone? Damn, that was a lame pick-up line. I know I can do it better. I just noticed that she had beautiful amber eyes, just like mine. "Wow! you have beautiful amber eyes. Those are the...". "The rarest and the most beautiful eye colour in the world. My dad says this to me always", she interrupted me. "Whoa! You are awesome! By the way, I am Levi Vaguez. And you are?". She shook her hands with me and said, "Your daughter".


Feminist; A title I hated. Why are those so-called feminists going on a male-bashing spree for absolutely no reason? Why aren't they being quiet on the real issues faced by women? And yes, we the society even gave them a name. "Feminichi".

The Sexual Endeavour

Ajay came closer to her. Each step he took forward, Shreya took one behind, closer to the bed. She stopped when her legs touched the bed. She then lifted her top, enough to display the half of her perfect navel. Ajay reached closer, gave her a deep kiss, took off her top and threw it to the ground. He pushed her to the bed. He took off his top.